Top games


Hey guys Eagle here and today I will tell you my top 5 favorite video games of all time.

5- DBZ Xenoverse

This game made in 2015 is set in the world of the anime Dragon Ball Z and contains iconic characters from the show and manga. This game has amazing HD graphics and amazing combat system.

4- Kingdom Hearts

This game is usually overlooked because it’s partnered with Disney and includes Disney characters and maps. This game revolves around Sora and later in the series he becomes evil and the story switches to Roxas which is Soras name when switched around and an X is added.

3- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This game is epic you can be in the iconic worlds that we know and love as a Jedi or join the Empire. This game like most games like this one it has amazing graphics, combat, and backstory.

2- Gang Beast

The name sounds like it’s a super violent game but it actually isn’t. This game goes up to 4 players and is addicting I put this one at #2 because I love multiplayer games.

  1. WWE 2K 16!

This is the best game ever created I have no words.

So that’s my list in the comments tell me your favorite video game Eagle out.

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