Halo is a game made by Microsoft and Xbox and has been the talk form 2000-2015 and honestly I think the games amazing. The graphics are phenomenal and combat system isn’t that bad. The story consist of Master Chief and Arbiter (he is the same alien race as the majority of enemies in the game but he turned good) and they fight Covenant for control of the universe. I started playing it about 5 years ago and I play it at every party that I have and go to the 4 player split screen function adds fun and when you split the screen and go on Xbox live the fun will never end. I do have a few problems with the game like the weapons and so strong and don’t give players the time to get away or see the enemy and the game glitches….. A lot and when you have too many players in an Xbox live the game freezes, glitches, and even shuts down from time to time. The game may have its flaws but once you start playing and get a kill streak and you find that perfect team it’s so fun. So there you have it that’s my thoughts on Halo Eagle out.

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