Video Game Post 2015: By Burning Eagle

Hey guys, what’s up Eagle here and I wanted to talk about the new video game releases for 2015 I’m doing this to inform and entertain and tell you games from this year and the year to come. Now let’s get into the first game.

Halo: Guardians

Halo is a military like game centered on a super soldier named Master Chief. He wears an armored suit that packs a punch. The game is 1 to 4 players on one console but it goes up when online. It is really fun if played with friends I would rate Halo 8/10 because the game does glitch at times but is an all-out good game.


WWE 2K 16

WWE is a wrestling company that been around since 1979 they are known for having the best wrestling company ever. They have really popular merchandise ranging from clothes, toys, and movies. I can’t lie I love all of their games no matter how old, new, buggy I still love them. This new game gets a 10/10.


Story Mode

Story mode is a spinoff of Minecraft and honestly I don’t like it I give it the rating of 3/10 its super boring to me and I don’t get how it ties in to the original Minecraft which is a not that good either.


I don’t have much to say about Destiny because the lore is a mystery but it’s a little like Halo. I will give it a 6/10. Because the graphics are amazing but it’s like any other fist person shooter.

So 2015 has gave us a few good games and some that I want to burn what you think. See you next time Eagle signing out. I do not own any of the game titles or character mentioned in this blog everything belongs to their respective owners.

DISCLAIMER- This blog is a school project. Student work will be monitored to prevent copy right issues and assure school appropriate materials. Should you find a problem with what has been posted please contact?







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